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What Is Voice Broadcasting?

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication / broadcasting technique which enables you to send automated voice messages via call to a large number of people at once. Voice broadcast service can be used to receive instant notifications and alerts. Users can easily record the customer responses by installing IVR in the call blast.

The benefits of voice broadcasting

Set it up instantly

You can set up a voice broadcast with a pre-recorded message in under 5 minutes after validating or renting a number.

No need or dependency on recruiting agents

Voice broadcasting campaigns don’t need any agents to make calls and can be set up by one person.

Reach a large number of people in minutes

A voice broadcast offers extensive reach. Send voice blasts to a large number of people in a short time.

Which industries use voice broadcasting

When time is of the essence, these automated phone calls are extremely handy in delivering a voice message to large contact lists.

Political campaigns

Voice broadcasts come in handy for campaigns to relay announcements, updates, GOTV reminders, and for polling.


Nonprofits use voice broadcasts to send event and donation reminders and emergency notifications. It’s also used by Churches for church calling tree.


Sending appointment reminders, updates, personalized offers and discounts, and collecting feedback are common uses of voice broadcasts for businesses.


Unions use voice broadcast campaigns to send notifications to members, reminders to vote, & collect feedback and responses for union issues.


Schools and universities use voice broadcasts for closing announcements, emergency alerts, and submissions and overdue book notices.

Debt Collection

Collection agencies use voice broadcasts to send notifications for debt confirmations, overdue payments, and payment acknowledgements.

Why Is Voice Broadcasting Important?

It may seem that tools such as mass text messaging and email blasts make voice broadcasting obsolete. But in reality, a combination of these tools is best if we want to reach a broad audience. Voice broadcasting will always have a part to play.

What’s more, research points to many different learning styles. Some people are more prone to remember something they saw written; others are more likely to remember something they hear. These learning styles mean that different communication methods have different parts to play in conveying information to other parties, whether they’re employees or customers.

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps


Choose Your Number

Select a local, national or toll-free number from our vast inventory



Let us handle the sign-up - it takes just 3 minutes


Receive Calls

Immediately start receiving calls and servicing your customers

Build Your Business with Voice Broadcasting Software

Use voice broadcasting to amplify business results. Upload a list of contacts and call them with a voice broadcast message aimed at getting simple user inputs, that let you assess a prospect’s intent level. Schedule campaigns at times that are best suited for your contacts. Customize settings to check the number of calls per minute and other metrics.

Our text-to-speech engine can read out the text messages you write, over a call, just like a human would. Alternatively, you can also upload your own audio file. With Auditcall you can easily import your contacts by uploading a CSV file. You can add fields like name, company, phone & email.

You can track all the calls right from the Auditcall dashboard. Auditcall records all the calls so that you can use it later for monitoring & training purposes.

Voice Broadcasting FAQ

  • How Can I Make Mass Phone Calls?

    Create an account with Auditcall, add in your list of contacts, create a recording, and then set up a voice broadcast to go out to all of your contacts at once.

  • What Is Voice Broadcasting?

    Voice broadcasting takes the hassle out of sending mass phone calls. Simply create a recording, add your list of contacts and then send all of those contacts a phone call instantly.

  • How Can I Make Bulk Voice Calls?

    Bulk voice calls can be made using Auditcall’ web-based voice broadcasting service - our system sends out approximately 3,000 calls per minute to all of your contacts.

  • How Do Schools Send out Mass Phone Calls?

    Schools use Auditcall to send out mass phone calls for various reasons which include: school closure alerts, parent notifications, snow day calls, emergency notifications, report card reminders, active shooter alerts, and much more.

  • How Does Mass Automated Calling Work?

    Unlike manual phone trees, mass automated calling can be done in three simple steps once an account with Auditcall has been created: Add Your Contact(s), Create a Recording, Send out Your Automated Call to All of Your Contacts at Once.

  • How to Make Mass Phone Calls for a Business?

    Businesses can utilize Auditcall to make mass phone calls for a variety of reasons, here are a few examples: Workplace Emergency Alerts, Staffing Notifications, Employee Alerts, Motivational Calls, and much more.

  • Is Voice Broadcasting Legal?

    Voice broadcasting is legal to phone numbers that opted in to receiving automated calls from you. Please check out local laws, federal guidelines, and Auditcall' Terms of Service before sending out automated calls.

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