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What is a Business Phone Number?

A business phone number is a virtual number for business, used to seamlessly connect consumers with an organization. As they're cloud based and not associated with a particular phone line, a business number can be based in any location of your choosing. That means, if your customer base is predominantly in the US but you have offices elsewhere, you can select a US number then redirect calls to your head office, call center, or mobile as needed. You can choose local business numbers to establish a presence in a particular location, or toll free national business numbers to give a sense of corporate prestige.

How Can Business Phone Numbers Help Your Business?

A virtual business phone comes with a wide range of business benefits. As well as allowing calls to be forwarded to any location, business phone numbers come with features that you wouldn't find with an ordinary phone line. You can set up custom greetings and IVR, helping connect customers with the department they need, or enjoy the convenience of voicemail and fax being sent directly to your inbox - so you never miss an important message again. Business phone numbers are also scalable and flexible, meaning you can add as many numbers as you need via your online control center.

Benefits of Business Phone Numbers

  • Forward calls
  • Establish presence
  • Additional features
  • Custom greetings
  • Cloud based
  • Scalable and flexible

Why Choose's business phone numbers let you create a virtual presence in more than 120 countries and over 1,000 cities around the world. For businesses of all sizes, the service you provide for your customers is of paramount importance. With VoIP-based business numbers, you'll get crystal clear lines anywhere in the world. With no cost incurred by the customer or caller, you can build greater relationships with customers across the globe. Best of all, there are no hidden set-up costs and no long-term commitment to sign. Browse our range of packages and find the right solution for your business.

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps


Choose Your Number

Select a local, national or toll-free number from our vast inventory



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Receive Calls

Immediately start receiving calls and servicing your customers

Business Phone Number FAQs

  • Do I need a business phone number?

    If you're looking to portray a professional image and want more control over your business communications, a virtual business phone number is a must. Having a number associated purely with business helps you enjoy greater privacy, with the option to base your business in any location and have calls forwarded where you need them. Customers can contact you at no cost to them, helping to increase customer satisfaction. Plus, a great range of additional features and benefits also helps you streamline communications across your business.

  • How do I get a business phone number?

    You can get a virtual business phone system with Visit our virtual number inventory to explore the locations we offer phone numbers in or check out our pricing page to get started. As everything is based in the cloud, you won't need to wait for any costly installation or complicated set up. Instead, your new business phone number could be ready to go in just three minutes.

  • How much does a business phone number cost?

    We offer virtual phone systems with a range of plans, so you can select the option that best suits your business. We have Pay As You Go plans, so you only pay for the exact number of minutes you use, as well as high volume plans offering more minutes at a better rate. Most of our virtual business phone numbers also come with the option of a free trial, so you can see first-hand how we can help your business grow before you make any commitments.

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