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The Auditcall integration with Google Marketing Suite allows you to send call data to your Google Marketing platform, so that you can see call conversions along with your other Google Marketing reporting.
  • Revenue Management

    Google Marketing Suite’s integrated solutions help you do it all, across screens and at scale. Give your team the insights they need to make smarter decisions and focus on higher value tasks. From programmatic direct to open auctions, Google Marketing Suite connects you with more global advertisers, on your own terms. Their holistic solutions simplify operations while providing a unified view of your audience and partnerships.

  • Digital Marketing

    Google Marketing Suite brings real-time data together across screens, channels and formats – from first impression to final conversion. Use these unified insights to refine your strategy and drive better campaign performance on the fly. Google Marketing Suite’s integrated solution gives you a common buying platform so you can reach your audience globally and maximize impact across screens, channels and formats. With a complete, real-time view of your audience, you can engage the people you care about most to maximize the impact of your advertising dollars.

  • The Power of Auditcall and Google Marketing Suite

    Using Auditcall with Google Marketing Suite allows you to view your call conversion data alongside your click-through conversions. You can then use this data to bolster your Floodlight reporting with one or more call dimensions.

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