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Identify Which Advertising Campaigns Drive Results

Powerful Auditcall for businesses and agencies to advance your marketing strategy

Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Eliminate the guesswork and prove your marketing efforts are working

With our software, you can track all inbound communications, across any channel, back to your marketing campaigns. Every call, text, chat, and form that you receive on a Auditcall number will be linked to the campaign that inspired it, whether it was a PPC ad or a billboard. Reduce your spend on the campaigns that aren’t performing and direct that budget towards the ads that are clearly bringing in high-value leads and conversions.

Explore Your Tracking Options

If you can attach a number to it, you can track it

Analyze calls from paid search, SEO efforts, direct mail campaigns, TV ads, trade shows, print collateral, and more. For offline sources, you’ll purchase a number to attach to a static advertisement, whereas online advertisements utilize our powerful dynamic number insertion technology to dynamically swap the number on your site based on the visitor’s landing page or referring pattern.

How does dynamic number insertion work?

Inserting a single line of code on your site will enable us to dynamically swap the phone number listed on your website to a Auditcall number. Visitors will see a tracking number you assign to the source they used to find you, and you’ll be able to see powerful website session data when they call in. By assigning a different tracking number to every advertising source, you’ll gain valuable insight into how each of your marketing campaigns are performing.

Go Beyond the Phone Call

Track forms, chats, and texts and leverage features to engage leads quickly

Today’s customers aren’t always willing to pick up the phone to talk to a business, which is why an omnichannel communications strategy is essential. Our software tracks texts, live chats, and form submissions in addition to calls and can generate instant communications back to your customers so you can reach them in time to close the deal.

Click-to-Call Forms

Associate website visitors with form entries and instantly connect your prospects with agents.

Text Message Communications

Integrate text messaging into your advertising efforts for faster, more effective communication with customers.

Live Chat

Deliver instant, real-time service to capture more business and support customers in their moment of need.

Personalize Your Digits

Endless tracking number options to satisfy your business needs

We offer local and toll-free tracking numbers in over 80 countries, as well as 5 or 6 digit short codes that enable you to text a large audience instantly. Make a lasting impression with a custom vanity number or utilize our GeoContact feature to display numbers local to your customer—a great option for franchises or companies with a nationwide footprint.

Track Every Conversion

Align your teams around what’s actually driving sales

Open the lines of communication between your marketing, sales, and support teams by matching every customer conversation and conversion back to a specific campaign. With every inbound call, you will know:

  • The caller’s name, phone number, address, and company (where applicable)
  • The advertisement and channel that led to the call
  • Keywords the caller searched
  • Pages they viewed on your website
  • Their previous call history

Capture conversion information in our call log, your CRM, or have your agents tag and score calls to track the quality of incoming leads. Or, take advantage of our conversation analytics tools that can automatically score and tag calls based on words of intent spoken on the call.

Access Data Across Your Marketing Toolkit

We integrate with the resources you’re already using

Tie a true ROI back to your PPC and call extension ads. With every call, we capture data associated to the correct ad click, campaign, ad group, and keyword in Google Ads and Analytics. As agents convert calls to sales in Auditcall, those conversions and sale amounts can also be sent back into Google.

Prove Your Investment with Robust ROI Reporting

Discover which campaigns are driving leads and revenue in real-time

Analyze performance with our diverse array of performance reports, including:

  • Keyword performance tracking
  • Advertising channel performance tracking
  • Agency performance reports by client
  • Auditcall reports
  • ROI reports by campaign

Every report can be customized with filters to dive deeper into the metrics that matter for your business. You can also schedule exports of your reports to access your need-to-know metrics at the cadence that works for you.

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