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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a marketing technique that businesses use to send promotional messages to their customers. Also called text marketing, SMS marketing is perfect for sending customers more information about products and services, special offers, or invitations to events. SMS marketing is the most cost effective way for brands to reach their customers and build an audience, leading to higher revenue and customer loyalty.

That's because SMS messages have a 98% read rate, five times higher than email. But a high read rate is not enough, a texting platform that can keep up with your messaging needs and automate interactions with subscribers is key to running a successful marketing campaign. Read on to learn more about SMS marketing in general, and why Auditcall SMS marketing software is the best solution on the market.

Who uses SMS marketing?

Texting has an open rate of 98% and is one of the most preferred communication channels.

Political Campaigns

Reach supporters with bulk sms or peer-to-peer texts for fundraising, GOTV messages, and drive voter mobilization.


Nonprofits use sms marketing services to promote fundraisers, share event invites, collect RSVPs, and drive action with personalized text messages.


Build sms lists for text message marketing. Send promotional offers, reminders, provide support, and much more.

Debt Collectors

Debt collectors send payment reminders, acknowledgements, follow-ups, and more using sms marketing platforms.


Auditcall SMS marketing tool comes handy to educational institutions to send emergency notifications, submission reminders, and provide information over text.


Unions run sms campaigns to converse with supporters to mobilize them, send mass texts to spread awareness, collect e-signs, confirmations, and more.

What Makes Auditcall SMS Marketing Software an Industry Leader

Get More Information & Target Messages

If you're sending irrelevant messages, you risk customers opting out and missing out on important promotions and sales alerts. Auditcall intelligent SMS marketing software offers tools to help you collect customer information (Data Capture) and use it to target promotions (Smart Targeting). This can lead to a dramatic rise in revenue while also preventing opt-outs because customers are only seeing messages that are relevant to them.

Automate Your Marketing

As your organization grows, you likely have less and less time to manually carry out campaigns yourself. Auditcall Automated Workflows takes this off your plate by running campaigns for you, like sending reminders to redeem a coupon a week before they expire to only those who haven't redeemed it yet. Our workflow builder (Workbench) allows you to build workflows in minutes, or you can use one of our proven pre-built workflows and quickly modify it to meet your needs.

Use Omni-Channel Communications

Tumpia gives you an omni-channel platform, combining traditional and proven communication channels like email and voice calls with newer and more wide-reaching methods like mass texting and the ability to send MMS messages. Even better, our platform is integrated so you don't send repetitive messages, and you can even automatically send messages based on the subscriber's channel preferences.

Key features of Auditcall SMS Marketing Software

A good text message marketing software should do more than just deliver texts. It should help you run campaigns more efficiently without adding to costs or compromising on compliance. Here are some essential features that make Auditcall one of the best sms marketing software.

Shorten and track link engagement

Customize and shorten your links to save characters in your sms. Track the engagement on these links to measure the success of your text marketing campaigns.

Automate communication over multiple channels

Want to combine text marketing with email marketing and calling? You can do that with automated workflows. Set up flows to trigger communication over different channels.

Verify phone numbers before sending texts

Filter out invalid numbers from your list and segment mobile and landline numbers before you set up your campaigns. Make sure you’re not wasting any resources texting bad numbers.

Get any number of your choice to send texts

Auditcall supports 10DLC numbers, shortcodes, and toll free numbers for sms marketing. Rent any type of number that you feel is most suitable for you.

Maintain delivery rates with adaptive block texting

Rent multiple numbers for a specific area and group them into a block. If one number gets marked spam, the other takes over automatically to continue texting and maintain outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does SMS marketing cost?

    SMS Marketing is very cost effective, as SMS messages cost only a fraction of a cent per message. If you choose an SMS marketing software like Auditcall you can also pair SMS marketing with voice, MMS, and email marketing to drive even further results.

  • What is an Online Signup Page?

    An online signup page, or OSP for short, allows you to opt subscribers into your SMS marketing campaigns by filling out a form online. OSPs are a great way to collect more information from a subscriber like their name, interests, birthday, etc.

  • What is Landline Texting?

    Landline Texting (also known as text to landline) enables your business's existing landline or toll-free number to send and receive text messages. This way, people can get immediate interaction with your business without interrupting their busy day by being stuck on a long phone call or playing email tag. This also lets you only advertise a single number in your collateral, rather than one number for calls and a different number for texts.

  • What are mobile keywords for SMS Marketing?

    A mobile keyword is a word or phrase you select for your customers to text in order to subscribe for your alerts. When a customer texts in your keyword, your SMS marketing software will automatically capture their phone number and store it in your database. In an ad reading, “Text ‘DEALS’ to 12345 to join our mobile alert program, ”DEALS” is the mobile keyword.

  • What are Short Codes used for in SMS marketing?

    Short codes are 5- to 6-digit numbers that are exclusively for text messaging and SMS marketing. This means these numbers cannot be called. They are “short”, easier to remember, easy to text on the go, and allow for high throughput SMS marketing.

  • What is an MMS message in text marketing?

    Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) messages enable you to send pictures and videos, making them great for grabbing your audience's attention and keeping your SMS marketing fun and engaging.

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