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What is a call management software?

A call management software gives you a bird’s eye view over all the inbound and outbound calls your team handles. It helps you manage business calls efficiently via features like IVR, auto-attendant, click-to-call, call routing, autodialer, and more. With Auditcall, you can increase the productivity of your agents and help them deliver a superior customer experience. In addition, management gets the benefit of tracking business performance via automatic reports.

How does a Call Management Solution Benefit your Business?

Streamlined communication

Save time and manage customer calls efficiently using our feature-rich call management software.

Never miss a customer call

Track the details of each missed call automatically. Get back to these customers at your convenience.

Track business performance

Automatically track important metrics like average answer time, the number of missed calls and more.

Increase productivity

Use features like autodialer and automated call campaigns to eliminate manual or repetitive tasks.

Improve customer experience

Integrate with your CRM and HelpDesk software to handle leads and customers more efficiently.

Features of a call management software


Call routing

Intelligently distribute calls automatically across various agents depending upon specific parameters


Call recording

Utilize our single and dual-channel recordings for agent training and dispute resolution.



Engage with customers and create a personalized experience using Smart IVR.


Call Forwarding

Redirect incoming calls to any number depending on your requirements. We support both unconditional forwarding and conditional forwarding.


Call tracking

Track all inbound and outbound calls using a single dashboard.


Auto Dialer

Give your agent’s productivity a boost by leveraging automated dialling.


Smart call routing

Route calls to the right agent automatically using different types of routing – equal routing, sequential routing, emergency routing, and sticky agent routing.

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps


Choose Your Number

Select a local, national or toll-free number from our vast inventory



Let us handle the sign-up - it takes just 3 minutes


Receive Calls

Immediately start receiving calls and servicing your customers

Integrate call management software with the tools you use

Calls do not have to stand out like a sore thumb. Integrate customer calls with tools like CRM, ERP, Helpdesk software, apps and websites to unify all of your customer information. Our cloud communication solutions support integration with the most popular tools out there.

The Auditcall Advantage

Highly Secure
ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system
Patented Solutions
Gain competitive advantage from patented products
Superior Quality
Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency
Scale at Ease
Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure
Superior Reliability
Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes
Best Support
24×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to choose the best auto dialer software in India?

    Consider the below-mentioned points to choose the best auto dialer software in India:
    1. Integrations: Check if the software can be easily integrated with your backend or any other third-party software that you may be using.
    2. Flexible APIs: Check if your auto dialer software provider’s APIs are flexible and easy to implement in your backend systems.
    3. Data Privacy: Always choose a company that is ISO certified and exercises enterprise-grade security practices.
    4. Platform Scalability: Always choose a software provider that can quickly scale up or down as per your business needs.
    5. Customer Support: Choose the auto dialer software provider that assures you of timely support in case you run into problems.

  • What is the cost of auto dialer software in India?

    The cost of our auto dialer software is based on your estimated monthly usage. To get effective prices and volume-based discounts, contact our sales team.

  • Can I get the call recording?

    You can download all the call recordings from the Exotel’s dashboard. After a call, the recordings can be accessed for a period of 6 months.

  • How to set up an autodialer?

    To set up an autodialer you need to first upload the contact details, set a call flow and assign agents.

  • How do auto dialers work?

    An auto dialer fetches contacts from the database (the contact list you’ve uploaded) and automatically dials them depending upon on the status of the last call.

  • Would I require any additional hardware to get started?

    No, you don’t need any additional hardware to get started. You’ll just need a browser and an internet connection.

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