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Microsoft Dynamic

Track your leads, contacts, and campaigns with MS Dynamics.

Sync your call data with contacts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Use our software to gather data from your conversations and contacts, then send that data to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account for measurement and analysis.

Associate your Auditcall tracking numbers with Microsoft Dynamics 365 leads, contacts, or campaigns to measure the success of your efforts. With each phone call your Auditcall account tracks, your campaign tracking in Microsoft Dynamics 365 will grow stronger and more reliable, while your contact records become rich with historic intelligence.
  • Assign your Microsoft Dynamics 365 campaigns to tracking sources in Auditcall
  • Map your Auditcall agents to your users in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and track their activities across both platforms.
  • Create or update objects automatically in Microsoft Dynamics 365 based on custom field mappings, such as call notes or lead status.
  • Automate actions in Auditcall based on whether a record is found in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
When you integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Auditcall, incoming calls from existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 contacts will display that contact’s information directly inside the call log. You can also choose to edit contact records within our call log, and it will automatically update to matching fields in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account. Calls from new contacts can even be used to create new records in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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