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Engage with customers and potential buyers more effectively

Easily integrate Shopify and Auditcall

With CTM and Shopify, you will be able to:
  • Automatically trigger call-backs after new orders are placed, order status, or custom order criteria
  • View customer history and caller demographic data in real-time
  • Eliminate the need for customers to repeat or spell important contact information
  • Increase the touch points you have with your customers
  • Improve sales team efficiency
  • Identify additional sales opportunities

Automated Text Messaging on Orders

Using CTM, you can create SMS campaigns around Shopify orders and automatically notify customers during the fulfillment process. Users can also trigger text messages based on order status, specify the number that customers see for each SMS campaign, set up automated replies, and send bulk text messages— even on a recurring schedule. This allows for additional touch points across the customer buying process and increases customer/agent engagement.

Robust Call Tracking & Marketing Attribution

Dynamically display advertising tracking numbers on your Shopify website based on how the visitor found you—even down to the keyword level. This information allows you to optimize your online advertising towards those channels that are sending the highest converting traffic to your e-commerce site. CTM will also identify return visitors and attribute those events and activities back to the original referring source.

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