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What is business SMS?

Effective communication is crucial for any business. What business SMS or text messaging does is allow two-way, real-time communication between organization members and clients. It provides an avenue for both parties to reach out, respond, and converse from any text-message-enabled mobile device or phone system.

Here at Auditcall, we offer business SMS that’s as easy as managing your inbox. Our platform is designed to help you build stronger relationships, create better customer experiences, improve open rates, optimize support processes, and more. Big and small businesses from all over the globe are enjoying the dynamic features of our business SMS tool. Try it yourself!

Business SMS features

One app for everything

Use a single app and a single business phone number for your voice, fax, text, and multimedia messages. No need to switch devices or numbers for your convenience!

Instant and efficient communication

Reach contacts faster using SMS. Text messaging offers higher open rates and engagements as compared to email and other communication channels.

Texting to the next level

Why bother with plain text when you can send and receive images, audio files, videos, emojis, and other file attachments instead? Previews can be seen in-line, too!

Short and lengthy messages allowed

Send and receive SMS for business with up to 1,000 characters to and from Auditcall extensions or 10-digit local numbers.

Easy-to-use messaging app

Log in and send SMS online in seconds. Switch between your desktop device and mobile phone anytime to pick up where you left off.

Built for all devices

Use text messaging and send business SMS seamlessly across Android and iOS cell phones, tablets, computers, and the Auditcall desktop and mobile app.

Advanced search function

Looking for a specific message? Use powerful search capability to search through text trails by looking up keywords.

Reach global contacts

International SMS messaging allows you to use existing numbers and devices to communicate with team members, clients, and potential customers worldwide.

Complete control of texts

Remove unwanted calls with number blocking and create a spam blacklist for unwanted bulk text messaging as part of your text messaging service for business.

Innovative integrations

Automate processes and improve workflows when you integrate Auditcall SMS capabilities into your favorite business apps like Google, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

VoIP phone calls in one tap

Easily make a call directly from your business text messages. You can also instantly join a conference call with one tap from an SMS service invitation without the need to enter a participant access code.

Reminders and notifications

Receive push and email notifications of incoming messages on your SMS platform as well as appointment reminders for upcoming meetings and calls, so you won’t miss anything important.

Why Text Messaging is Vital to Grow Your Business

Using business texting software like Auditcall can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. Here are just a few features that make a great business text messaging app.

Easy to Use

You want a service that you can sign up for and use straight away.

Supports Two-Way Texting

A business text messaging service must support two-way conversations.

Integrates With Other Apps

No app is an island. Your business text messaging app needs to offer multiple integrations.

Has a Mobile App

You want to be able to manage your business SMS from anywhere.

Flexible and Affordable Pricing

Avoid high monthly pricing or low-volume plans missing key features.

Enables Teamwork

You want the ability to add multiple numbers and team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of SMS text messaging can I send and receive?

    With your Auditcall text messaging service, you can receive text-only messages and multimedia messages (MMS). You will also be able to receive text message service notifications for your voicemails, faxes, missed calls, and urgent messages.

  • Is there any limitation on storing my business texting messages?

    Each user can store up to 5,000 text messages, including sent and received messages in your business texting platform.

  • Is there a limit to the number of business SMS/MMS that I can send?

    Yes, there is an allotted number of messages sent/received per month for US and Canada Auditcall MVP customers. Once you have reached those thresholds, rates will apply for each message sent/received.

  • Can I execute mass text messaging?

    Yes. You can send bulk SMS for company text to multiple recipients in your contact list and view the conversation in the same thread. If you send a text message to a couple of recipients containing an external 10-digit number, your text message will be separate messages.

  • Can I send an international SMS?

    No. Unfortunately, only a local text service for MMS is available in the current text message system.

  • Can I use my toll-free number to send out SMS?

    Yes, sending outbound SMS is supported. However, sending/receiving MMS for toll-free numbers is currently not supported.

  • How much would a business SMS service cost?

    Investing in a business texting service that can be launched via smartphones, desktops, and various devices is a must for organizations looking for a more effective, efficient two-way communication channel. It can be utilized for day-to-day conversations, SMS marketing, customer support, and the list goes on.

    While there are many options that promise impressive features, you’ll find that some of them may be way out of budget.

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