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Keep up with your contacts using Zoho CRM.

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Connect your calls, texts, and form fills to contacts in the Zoho CRM platform.

With the Zoho CRM integrated with Auditcall, incoming calls from existing Zoho contacts will display that contact’s information. You can choose to edit that record right inside our call log, and it will automatically update the information in Zoho CRM.

Use the Zoho panel – built right into our call log – to instantly update a contact’s record, and automatically have that update ported into Zoho CRM.

How does the Zoho CRM integration work?

The Zoho CRM integration uses triggers, so you will be able to choose the data that is sent between the platforms, and under which conditions it should be sent, such as:
  • Based on duration
  • New callers only
  • On call start
  • Only when visitor data is available for the call
Once calls start coming in, you will see them show up as leads in Zoho CRM, along with their contact information.

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